Jah Sun

Jah Sun has quickly emerged as the pre-eminent California Reggae artist in the 21st Century. With huge international reggae anthems and a commitment to conscious living, Jah Sun's music and message has spread the world over.


He is an artist dedicated to global and social healing. Fusing the sounds of hip-hop, reggae and world music with conscious and uplifting lyrics, he hopes to awaken the human spirit and inspire others to live to their ultimate potential.

He brings his message of love and unity with a variety of vocal styles. From fierce hip-hop explosions, to melodic ballads, rootsy anthems and sensual dance-hall licks, he brings something for everyone. Regardless of style, the common theme throughout all his music is the consistent message of positivity, love and respect, and kindness to all.

Life and Career

One of Jah Sun's earliest influences was his step father - Jack Bailey - a rapper and singer who was also involved early on in the Breakdancing movement. After being exposed to black culture through Bailey, Jason began breakdancing as well as earning himself notoriety in the Freestyle rap community. Jason rapped under the name Magi and went on to win many freestyle competitions earning him the chance to open shows for prominent rappers including GravediggazMasta AceGeto Boys, and other national acts. In the early 1990s, Jason went through a lifestyle revolution after being exposed to Bob Marley's "Time Will Tell". According to Jah Sun this is the piece of music that changed his life and his career path. He was inspired to wear dreadlocks and eat a vegetarian diet.

Around this time, Jah Sun started to learn guitar and write his own songs. In 1995, Jason and his partner were expecting their first child, this and other extenuating circumstances led him to leave Texas. Over the next ten years he would live in Hawaii, Miami, Seattle and Los Angeles. After this time of exploration and self-searching, Jason released his first album as Jah Sun in 2005.

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Jah Sun & Jallanzo (Dub MatriXx)

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Jah Sun & Jallanzo (Dub MatriXx)

Live dub roots reggae experience 


Born and raised in St. Catherine, Jamaica, Jallanzo is an established multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer and engineer. He has shared stage and studio with reggae legends and upcoming artists all over the globe and is especially known for his signature psychedelic dub sound.

 In Jallanzo's live dub set, stems are used from his original productions of authentic roots reggae music and infused with pulsating drum & bass, melodious rhythm & vocals splashed with echos & reverb, from an analog mixing board.

Dub MatriXx collaborates with various artists and musicians intending to spread the message of love, creating uplifting surroundings worldwide.